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Items purchased from this site are sent from the UK. If you live in the EU, we now have to add VAT to your order, and depening on what country you are ordering from will determine the amount of VAT charged - please see the table below.

Fusion Retro Books Ltd has its own IOSS number - this means that VAT for EU countries is collected at checkout. We use Deutshe Post to send all items into the EU and no further VAT or admin charges should be due.

If you receive any correspondence requesting a VAT payment, then please do get in touch via the E-mail support@fusionretrobooks.com



Import VAT Rate

Austria 10%
Belgium 6%
Bulgaria 20%
Croatia 5%
Cyprus 5%
Czechnia 10%
Denmark 25%
Estonia 9%
Finland 10%
France 5.5%
Germany 7%
Greece 6%
Hungary 5%
Iceland 11%
Ireland 0%
Italy 4%
Latvia 12%
Liechtenstein 2.5%
Lithuania 9%
Luxembourg 3%
Malta 5%
Netherlands 9%
Norway 0%
Poland 8%
Portugal 6%
Romania 5%
Serbia 10%
Slovakia 10%
Slovenia 5%
Spain 4%
Sweden 6%
Switzerland 0%
Turkey 8%