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ZZAP! 64 Micro Action Issue #6

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Issue 6 of the 60-page ZZAP! 64 Micro Action magazine.

Features multiple game reviews of new C64 titles Sonic the Hedgehog, Willow Pattern (Jolie Edition), Santa's Workout, Hi-Score, Ewe Woz 'Ere DX, Polar Bear in Space, Supremacy Redux and Randoom.

This edition is packed with features such as:

  • The ZZAP! Interview - David Simmons catches up with Andreas Varga, aka Mr. SID, and Veto - the guys behind Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • ZZAP! Cover Crackers - Graeme Mason goes back to his 1987 game collection and picks out his six favourite inlay covers.
  • Games That Weren't - This issue Paul Morrison looks back on the game Solar Jetman.
  • ZZAP! Creation - The thought process behind some of the classic modern gaming art by Paolo Rathjen.
  • Newsflash - new stuff that is newer than new is covered in detail!

And there is much, much more in this action-packed edition!