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ZZAP! 64 Annual 2020 - Fusion Retro Books
ZZap! 64 Annual 2020 - Fusion Retro Books

ZZAP! 64 Annual 2020

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ZZAP! 64 Annual 2020! 120 pages.

We are featuring multiple game reviews of new C64 titles such as Luftrauzerz, Neutron, Shadow Switcher, Super Mario Bros. and The Age of Heroes (to name a few).

This edition is packed with features such as:

  • Steampunk C64 - completely bonkers mad scientists have conspired to create a wooden, steam-operated C64!
  • The making of The Lord of Dragonspire.
  • A life inside videogames - Paul 'Dokk' Docherty offers insight into his documentary about the life and work of Jeff Minter.
  • ZZAP! BACK - Jaz Rignall looks at issues 21 to 39 of the noble fluffy lollipop.
  • Cult games programmer Andrew Braybrook spills the beans on Uridium, Paradroid and life after Hewson.
  • Newsflash - new stuff that is newer than new and coming to... erm... you!

And there is much, much more in this action-packed edition!