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Life Is A Game: The inspirational success story of a legendary game developer

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"Life Is A Game" tracks the fascinating life and successful career of legendary game developer Mev Dinc.

The story begins in a mountainous Black Sea village; his father left him and his mother when Mev was only six months old, and with no home and thrown into poverty, they were left to survive the harsh winters alone.

By the time he'd arrived in the UK in 1979, he had an English wife but couldn't speak a word of English. He then bought a ZX Spectrum in 1983 without any desire to use it.

But through his resilience and ingrained will to overcome any obstacles, he learned to speak English, and taught himself programming and game development - all in two years! 

The rest, as they say, is history!v

This incredible story shows how Mev Dinc came from these humble beginnings and ended up becoming an award-winning developer, a member of BAFTA and the founding father of the Turkish Gaming Sector. 

This intriguing rags-to-riches tale will inspire as much as it entertains.