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ZZAP! AMIGA Micro Action Issue #14

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Issue 14 of the 60-page ZZAP! AMIGA Micro Action magazine.

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Features multiple game reviews of new Amiga titles Bagman, Pleiades 3D, and Holiday. As well as a journey down memory lane with Defender of the Crown (ZZAP! BACK).

This edition is packed with features such as:

  • The Scorpion Segment - The latest news on the Scorpion Engine.
  • Sounds like Paula - Andrew Fisher begins his chart review of the Amiga's best chip tunes.
  • Amiga at the arcades - The team examine how the Amiga fares when it comes to arcade conversions.
  • ZZAP! AMIGA files - Graeme Mason opens up the ZZAP! files on Zak McKracken.
  • Newsflash - upcoming Amiga game coverage by David Simmons with titles such as Flying Shark, Super Delivery Boy, Aquabyss, Electro Man, and The Name Of The Rose.
  • Art Gallery - Simon Butler selects the best of the best in Amiga pixel love.

+ much more!