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ZAP! AMIGA Annual 2023 - A5 - 120 pages - IN STOCK.

Featuring multiple game reviews of Amiga titles such as Tiny Bobble, Turbo Sprint, Metal Gear, Inviyya and Green Beret (to name but a few).

This hardcover edition is packed with features such as:

  • The ZZAP! Interview - We catch up with Graeme Cowie, developer of Turbo Sprint and more.
  • The ZZAP! Interview - Dante Mendez, the developer of Green Beret, is put under the spotlight.
  • AMIGA Magazines - Paul Monaghan discusses his love for Amiga magazines.
  • Steampunk AMIGA and its creator - The making of a new kind of Amiga - one without steam!
  • The Making of Reshoot Proxima 3 - David Simmons discusses the game with its developer.
  • AMIGA Force - The Facts Issues - Those issues produced by a firm called Computer Facts.
  • AMIGA Adventure - A new, younger wizard in the Tower originating from the Celtic Norf.

And there is much, much more in this action-packed hardcover edition!