The story of the Commodore Amiga in Pixels_ (Pre-order)

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PREORDER (Available June 2017) - The book is planned to be 268 pages in length, and just like the Commodore 64 book, will come in two flavours - paperback and hardback. The paperback will have a thick, high quality cover, with the Tutankhamun embossed and spot varnished; the hardback (a hugely popular choice on the C64 campaign) will have a matt finish with spot varnish on the Tutankhamun image.  


Many of those who have received my previous books comment on the quality of their production. This Amiga book will be no different - I am actually considering increasing the weighting of the paper inside which will make it even nicer.

Category: Amiga, Commodore

Type: Retro Book

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