ZZAP! AMIGA Issue #2 never received

  • Hello Chris,

    I have just received my ZZAP! AMIGA binder from the Christmas 2022 Annual kickstarter. Thank you, the binder is awesome.

    I was putting in the ZZAP! AMIGA issues that I have received, No. 1 and No. 3 and realised that I had not recevied issue No. 2 from Jan/Feb 2022.  I am expecting issue No. 4 May/Jun 2022 in the Australian post soon.

    Could you please send me the missing ZZAP! AMIGA issue No. 2 magazine.

    Thank you



  • Issue 5 is back from print next week - I will try to remember to include issue 2 when I send on.

  • @Chris Wilkins Thank you

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