#98407 - Ordered 01/01/22 - Still Unfullfilled

  • Hello.

    I ordered some ZZAP's and CRASH's on Jan 1st (#98407) . Is the order due to ship soon? Or is there a problem with orders at the moment?

  • Issue #7 is back next week from the printers - a little later than planned. So those orders with issue #7 will go out when I have them.

  • Thanks 

  • @Chris Wilkins Sorry to barge in on another conversation Chris but I have left several messages including one directly to you and to the Fusion email address regarding an account issue with my main Fusion account (I created this new one to be able to leave messages) as well as inquiries regarding non receipt of Fusion 24 and (until now) no receipt of the 3 Annuals. Just wondering if you received those. Understand if you have been busy but would appreciate a reply (let me know where else I may contact you if preferred) with any assistance you can offer. Thank you.

  • @Joe Hanna From your PM, looks like all your items have now arrived.

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