Patreon member missing no.1 of Zzap! Amiga

  • Hi,

    I'm a patreon member of Zzap!64 and Zzap!Amiga from Italy.

    I still haven't received the no.1 of Zzap! Amiga that I think It has already been shipped.

    Can you please check?

    Thank you


  • Will send another on tomorrow...

  • I hope to be in time to stop you, as I had also written on the facebook group at last the no. 1 arrived.

    If not, I will send you the second copy back.

    Thank you

  • 2nd issue had already been sent - so when it arrives don't send it back. Postage to EU at the moment is so unpredictable - this is why I am relunctant to send 2nd copies, as invariably the customer always then gets 2 copies - and postage to Europe is expensive.

  • Sorry to bother but i didn't even receive the number 4 of Zzap 64 can you confirm that it was sent to me? In that case I will wait another couple of weeks before loosing hope of receiving it :)

  • Yes, they have all been sent out.

  • Hi Chris,

    I still haven't received the number 4 of Zzap 64 and not even the three annuals.

    Can you please tell me the shipping date of both packages so that I can try to make a compliant to the postal service?

  • Number 4 of Zzap received today! After "only" three months from shipping and with 1,04 euros of VAT and 2,00 euros of Taxes :(

    Now I trust in the arrival of the annuals in March :)

  • It's really bad - but in some cases this is the way it is now :(

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