Have pre-orders for the Fusion Toys Summer Special 2021 been sent out?

  • Afternoon all,
    just a short question; has the Fusion Toys Summer Special been sent out to those who pre-ordered on the Fusion store, or has it only gone to the Kickstarter pledgers so far?

    (I have a pre-order #95885 but haven't heard anything since the "Thank you for your order" email; but did notice that the wording on the shop changed from "pre-order" to "order" a few* days ago). 

    Many thanks,

    *at least I think it was a few days ago, but I find it hard to believe it's almost November already... so I'm not certain I trust my sense of time anymore... 

  • Sent today - sorry for the short delay!

  • No worries at all, thank you for checking/ sorting; now all I need is some nice summer weather to go with it... I had some on order but I think it got held up this year due to a lack of lorries or cardboard or something... :-D :-D 


  • :)

  • Hi Chris,

    I have the same issue, I have not received the

     Fusion Toys Summer Special Annual yet, is there any news on this item?

  • Hi David, I know you have messaged elsewhere - are you still waiting on this?

  • Just E-mailed you...

  • @Chris Wilkins 

    yes, have not received it yet and just mailed you too

  • Got it now?

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