Order #95379 never delivered (to Czech Republic)

  • Hallo Chriss, my order #95379

     from 11.7.2021 was never delivered, could you please send it again, or return money? 

    Thank you 

  • Can I ask - have you not received any of the order? As 3 books have been sent on - the Sound Chips one should be sent in the next couple of weeks.

  • I didn't receive the 3 books. I wrote you couple of mails, and you sugest to wait. I checked our national post service if there is package waiting to be processed for VAT and customs. There is not such thing. So it must lost before it gets into Czech Republic. After Brexit I order couple of books from other sellers from UK, and the  arrived at post office storage, I got message to proceed customs and  I paid VAT and get books delivered. But your package didn't arrived. Could you please send it again with book of Soundchips? Because I'm fan of retro, and I like to have them. I support you on Kickstarter for Anuals 2022. 

  • Yes, I will do.

  • @Chris Wilkins Hallo, I got delivered book of sound chips, but you didn't sent other three books, which I ordered and never got ;-(, I'm very disapointed

  • Yes theyu must have got lost - I will send tomoz again.

  • Today delivered, thank you very much. I almost lost hope .-) Books are amazing. Fantasy Art Of Oliver Frey blow my mind .-)

    Great work!

  • Brill!

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