Still waiting for Order #95425 (Delivery to Germany)

  • Hey there,

    I'm still waiting for my Ordner #95425 to arrive in Germany. Can you have a look please or maybe do you have a tracking number?


    Thanks for your help and best regards, Matthias

  • HI Matthias - there were sent. Could they be trapped in customs? Happy to send again in the next couple of weeks if they do not arrive!

  • Hey Chris, thanks for your reply. The books still have not arrived :-( Maybe there's still some struggle because of the brexit? I will wait for another 2 weeks, then it's over 3 months...

    Can we check again then, to find a suitable solution?

    Thanks for the effort and best regards, Matthias

  • Will send again Matthias.

  • Hey Chris,

    thanks for your help, I will move to a new place next week - have you sent it already or can I update the shipping address for my account?


    Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience, Matthias

  • The parcel has just arrived (sent october 10th) - thanks a lot and sorry again for the inconvenience!

  • All good - thank you!

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