The story of the Amstrad CPC in Pixels

  • I'm a huge fan of the CPC's chunky graphics and it's curious place in 8bit history. Always in third place to the Spectrum and Commodore here in the UK (and perhaps rightly so?), the CPC still managed to have some of the best 8bit games, arcade conversions, and graphics of the time. I'd love a pixel book on the underdog! Just think of all those lovely colourful mode 0 screens! 😀

  • I don't know if this is likely to happen but if it did it's an instabuy for me as well, just so you know if assessing demand for this. It was a great machine even if it's not regarded as highly as the Spectrum or C64, and I think it's only now, with hindsight and also some fantastic homebrew titles that really show what you could do with the CPC when you know what you're doing with it, that we can really see how good the CPC was and what it was capable of. I know people on Amiga forums who'd never seen a CPC in action before who were mind blown when shown the CPC adaptation of Pinball Dreams, they couldn't believe it was an 8 bit machine running that, then there's games like point and click sci fi adventure Orion Prime and Shadows of Sergoth, an excellent Dungeon Master style RPG which are amazing examples of the CPC pushed to its limits.

    I certainly think there's great potential for a book, and as you point out the colourful Mode 0 screenshots would be great I'm sure! I'd certainly love to see it, I guess a lot will come down to demand as always but it's an absolute yes from me if there's any interest in making this.

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