Shipping Error - Zzap 64 Magazine

  • Hey Chris,

    I've emailed you at the zzap address but have now noticed this support section of the new site so apologies for any overkill with my request.

    Basically, I'm a Patreon subscriber but received a second copy of issue 1 Zzap 64 magazine, instead of the latest release issue no. 2.

    Just giving you a heads up in case you see this first. 🙂





  • Hi David - will look to send on to you an Issue 2 - apologies.

  • Actually need a bit more info - what is your full name?

  • @Chris Wilkins Hi Chris, I've added  surname to my profile but for the record it's 'Allan'.

    Thanks, David.

  • Struggling to find you on the ZZap Patreon - can you PM me your E-mail address and house address please.

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