Not received Zzap #2 (print)

  • Hi Chris

    I see from an earlier post that Zzap #2 went to print on May 25th - I still haven't received my copy (last bit of post I received from you was Crash #3). Getting a bit concerned about what Royal Mail are doing with my post, given that I've recently also had to request my unreceived second copies of the Zzap and Crash annuals.

    Could you please send #2 when you read this?

    Also, I read that you're encouraging people to post support requests here, rather than email. I'm still waiting for a reply to my email (sent 10th May) about the Fusion Toys Annual - should I repeat the query on this support forum instead? Given it was nearly a month ago, it's a safe bet that my email slipped through the net.



  • ZZap! and Crash take about 10 days to come from print - so just got them on Thursday this week, and are packing them all over the weekend. These will go out on Monday. And yes, please do on the other request.

  • Thanks for the reply, Chris, and my apologies - I should have considered that "going to print" is not the same as "being sent out". In my (very slight) defence I also thought I'd read a dispatch email - which I know you always send out - but my foggy brain must have been thinking of the one for Crash #3. Nevertheless, my enquiry wouldn't have looked quite so dumb if I'd referred to the imaginary email rather than the going to print update! Anyway, sorry again for the mix-up.


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