So looking forward to this!

  • Great to hear that the Amstrad will be getting a dedicated magazine with Amtix as well, just wanted to post in here to let you know that I'm certainly looking forward to this. I know this section is empty at the moment, one reason for posting tbh, so people don't think there's no interest in an Amstrad mag, you can at least count me in on this one anyway!

    Do you plan to promote this either on the CPCWiki forum or in any of the Amstrad Facebook groups at all? I often see complaints in those places that there's not enough dedicated CPC content out there so might be a receptive audience there?

  • @Paul Henderson

    Is this going to be a one-off or regular mag?

  • I'm not 100% sure, I know I've seen them testing the water to see if there's demand for an Amstrad mag. I would hope this is a regular thing if it goes ahead, but I'd imagine it's going to depend largely on how much interest there is and how it does early on. I can't be certain but hopefully we'll hear more as things develop.

  • I have put a Patreon together for this, and plan to announce it very soon. If we get a good take up for this, then it will become bi-monthly like Crash and ZZap.

  • That's awesome, cheers for the info Chris, I'll be sure to keep an eye out :)

  • Fantastic news, I will be keeping my fingers crossed that this will happen - I will certainly be signing up.  Even if the market isn't there for a regular magazine then a Kickstarter book would still be welcome. 

    btw, does anyone know if Saffron Trevaskis was real or just someone like Hannah Smith in a wig? Julian Rignall didn't seem to remember her when asked.

  • YES! I've been hoping for this. Count me in!

  • Here's another definite buyer. Just take my money!

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