What is everyone's No.1 game?

  • This is going to be a challenge for everyone, and hopefully kickstart the discussion

    • What's your 1st game purchased?
    • What's your 1st game completed?
    • What's your favourite game?
    • What's the first game you mapped out?1
    • What's you first game magazine purchased?


  • 1st game purchased - Manic Miner

    1st game completed - Three Weeks in Paradise

    Favourite Game: Horizon Chase Turbo

    First game mapped : I think it was Three Weeks in Paradise as well

    First mag purchased: Crash of course :D

  • 1st game purchased - Space Invaders on the Atari 2600 (me and my brother had to pool our Xmas money to buy this !)

    1st game completed - Ant Attack on Spectrum

    Favourite Game: Sabre Wulf (but this changes daily !)

    First game mapped : All in my head

    First mag purchased: CVG (Computer and Video Games)

  • First game purchased - Cauldron

    First game completed - Kane

    Favourite game - So many, but I keep coming back to Sensible World of Soccer so I'll say that.

    First game mapped - Bard's Tale

    First mag purchased - Computing with the Amstrad

  • First game purchased - either Pong or Pac Man on the atart 2600

    First game completed - God knows!

    Favourite game - Tomb Raider2 got me into the 3rd person adventure genre and love all the new ones and uncharted etc

    First game mapped - Treasure Island Dizzy, or the one after that

    First mag purchased - Crash, what else!

  • What's your 1st game purchased?

    Technically a long forgotten Intellivision game, but the first one I properly remember is "Super Programs 2" for the ZX81.  It was a 6 game compilation but the one I played almost exclusively was "Secret Code".  Ah... simpler times!

    What's your 1st game completed?

    Very hard to know for sure, but an early contender would have to be Ant Attack or The Pyramid (both on the Speccy).  I got both on the Soft Aid compilation and they were my favourite games by far.  I know it wasn't Jack and the Beanstalk - I spent half my childhood trying to get off the first screen!

    What's your favourite game?

    Now there's a question!  I'll cheat and answer it by system (just the ones I grew up playing):

    • ZX Spectrum - Bomb Jack
    • C64 - Paradroid
    • Atari ST - Oids
    • Amiga - Sensible World of Soccer

    What's the first game you mapped out?

    I never really mapped games out; I waited for them to appear in a magazine!  But I did map out the odd text adventure... I seem to remember mapping out Quest for the Golden Eggcup.

    What's you first game magazine purchased?

    Aha, one I actually know.  It was Your Spectrum issue 22 (September 1985) - bought for the JSW II map - closely followed by Crash issue 21 (October 1985).  Crash quickly became my favourite.

    • 1st game purchased : Space Armada (Intellivision) , I remember like if it was yesterday.
    • My 1st game completed : Mortville manor (Atari ST)
    • My favourite game : Quite difficult question, so many. I'd say :-).. But, the great gianna sisters (Amiga) is one of my favorite.
    • The first game I mapped out : The Pawn (Atari ST)
    • What's you first game magazine purchased : Tilt

  • 1st game purchased - With my own money? I'm not sure, probably an Amstrad budget title with my paper round money. Something from Code Masters, The Hit Squad, or... Kixx!

    What's your 1st game completed – Again, I'm not entirely sure... Potentially Batman, Freddy Hardest, or Yie Ar Kung Fu on the CPC. I remember being very happy with finishing Batman, that was a mammoth task! Also, I may have completed a handheld version of Frogger before I even got the CPC.

    What's your favourite game? - Can I have 3 games please? I'd rather have 10 games but 3 is closer to 1 so... Robocop (Data East/Ocean), Street Fighter 2, Half Life 2.

    What's the first game you mapped out? - I don't think I ever really did that. I remember drawing a crude map for the Aliens game by Electric Dreams, but then a friend had the non-budget release version which included a handy actual map!

    What's you first game magazine purchased? - C&VG undoubtedly! Reviews of arcades!!

  • First game purchased was Manic Miner

    First game completed was Mercenary Escape from Targ

    Favourite game was Paradroid

    First game I mapped was Mercenary ( again ) 

    First magazine I bought was Computer and Video Games


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