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21st March - with the goal now reached, we are finalising all the text of the book. This will be done by end of March - then I will be designing and putting the book together of the following couple of weeks.

Aiming to go to print mid to end of April. There is a 4-week turnaround from the printers so the book should be sent out by mid to end of May.

23/10 - This is a pre-order scheme with the book currently being designed, all the text has been done. I will post preview images of the inside of the book as we progress over the next few weeks. It will be approx 170 pages, A5 and in hardback.


Florin’s ZX Spectrum Haul of Games, with a Foreword by David ‘Magic Knight’ Jones, collects the best of Paul Davies’ musings on the incredible world of Spectrum gaming.

The gaming phenomenon that was the ZX Spectrum, a home computer like no other, was a machine that changed lives when it burst on to the scene in the 1980s. In 10 years, it sold five million. Production ended over a quarter of a century ago, but software titles continue to be released.

Author Paul Davies is an established Spectrum games reviewer, writing for Fusion magazine, Crash, retroyak.com, indieretronews.com and regularly contributing to Retro Gamer magazine.

Florin’s ZX Spectrum Haul of Games is filled with game facts, tips and trivia as a self-confessed Speccyholic take his fellow 8-bit fanatics back to the glory years of gaming, giving us an entertaining take on the world through the lens of the amazing ZX Spectrum.

There is also a canvas, mug, aluminium print and mouse mat to grab as well, using Trevor Storey's amazing new cover.

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